Type 4c Hair Love

3 Beauty Trends That Died in 2022
27 December 2022
Sorry to these 3 beauty trends but, I will be kissing them goodbye as soon as the clock strikes midnight...
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How To Achieve Perfectly Defined Finger Coils on 4C Hair
25 February 2022
I am having fun switching up hairstyles on my TWA. And my most recent style is finger coils. Finger coils...
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How To Rock Your Natural Hair With Unshakeable Confidence
10 January 2022
It truly is a defiant act of self love and confidence to wear your natural hair. Because historically,...
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Ultimate List of Black Owned Beauty and Personal Care at the Drugstore
19 December 2021
There are over 60 black owned makeup, skincare, personal care and haircare brands available in store...
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4c Hairstyle Inspiration to Have You Running to the Salon
05 November 2021
When a woman cuts or colors her hair, you know she means business and is about to change her life. This...
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Type 4c Hair Love
23 August 2021
For black women, especially those of us with type 4 hair, hair isn’t as simple as what grows out...
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Fermented Rice Water Benefits For Type 4C Hair
20 July 2021
We know that good hair is healthy hair. That gospel has been preached over and over to us naturalistas....
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The Best Wash N Go Ever | Type 4c Hair
01 July 2021
Summer is here and now I don’t have to walk around freezing in these streets with a head full of wet...
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Aloe Vera for Natural Hair and Why I Love It
20 April 2021
Coconut oil is out, cocoa butter and even shea butter are old news too because aloe vera is Thee magic...
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My Full Wash Day Routine| Type 4 Hair
04 January 2021
When you find a combination that works for your natural hair, you gotta share it. So this is my full...
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