Type 4c Hair Love

Type 4c Hair Love
23 August 2021
For black women, especially those of us with type 4 hair, hair just isn't simply what grows out of your...
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Fermented Rice Water Benefits For Type 4C Hair
20 July 2021
We know that good hair is healthy hair. That gospel has been preached over and over to us naturalistas....
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The Best Wash N Go Ever | Type 4c Hair
01 July 2021
Summer is here and now I don’t have to walk around freezing in these streets with a head full of wet...
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Aloe Vera for Natural Hair and Why I Love It
20 April 2021
Coconut oil is out, cocoa butter and even shea butter are old news too because aloe vera is Thee magic...
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My Full Wash Day Routine| Type 4 Hair
04 January 2021
When you find a combination that works for your natural hair, you gotta share it. So this is my full...
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DIY Holiday Hair Accessories
10 December 2020
I love a great DIY and I love a beautifully elaborate hairstyle. And nothing gets me more excited than...
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My First DevaCut Experience | Type 4C Natural Hair
30 September 2020
My DevaCut results on Type 4c hair When I began researching and interviewing clients and...
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Pattern Beauty Full Review
23 September 2019
Tracee Ellis-Ross is looking to make her mark in the beauty industry with Pattern Beauty! And not since...
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5 Woman-Owned Hair & Beauty Products I Love and You Will Too
04 March 2019
It's no secret that most of the products that cater to women are owned and made by men. But some of...
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3 Professional Natural Hairstyles
14 September 2018
I have been in the thick of interviewing for jobs for the past few months and the thing that...
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