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5 Reasons To Put Four Seasons Maui On Your To-Do List

5 Reasons To Put Four Seasons Maui On Your To-Do List

It was a process of elimination that brought Hawaii to our attention as a babymoon destination and I am oh so glad that it did.

When we were discussing with our doctor about our intention to go on a babymoon she gave us the harsh reality that the Zika virus is still a real threat to pregnant women and because of that, the Caribbean, South America and parts of Africa and Asia are completely off limits. And these continents are exactly where my top pics for a babymoon would have been.

So, what’s left? There’s Europe, which is cool and all, but we wanted a pure relaxation vacation, to be pampered, catered to, where we could luxuriate by a beach with beautiful sunsets and not have to do too much walking.

So up from the ashes, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea emerged as the obvious winner, the resort known for catering to babymooners, on the Hawaii island known for it’s beautiful sunsets.

Before this Hawaii was never high on my list, but after this trip, I highly recommend it and in fact, I will be back to visit with Baby P in tow and here’s why…

Perfect Mix of Family Friendly & Grown and Sexy

I know you’re thinking there’s no way family friendly and grown and sexy can exist in the same space but oh my friend, the Four Seasons Maui Resort knows the recipe.

The mood around the resort is relaxed and comfortable, the staff are so warm, greeting you with a smile and an Aloha, while anticipating and catering to your every want and need. Baby bumps are everywhere to be seen walking/waddling around the resort, so no need to feel out of place bringing yours.

Balcony overlooking the main pool

Adults-Only The Serenity Pool

I usually prefer an adults only resort but the children at the Four Season to my surprise, were so well behaved, no screaming, no temper tantrums, these children were angels and easily co-existed among the couples and older folks without disturbing the peace.

Now the resort is expensive and for most, including myself, it’s a splurge, but even my Frugal Fran self did not regret it because I got my money’s worth and more. But if you’re nervous about the cost, think about like this, it will likely be your last couples only vacation for a long time and you have a hard and sleepless road ahead, so you just go ahead and treat yourself, if you don’t, you’re going to wish you did.

Paradise Without A Passport

I challenge you to name another state in the USA as beautiful as Hawaii…I’ll wait.

When I stepped off the plane, I was instantly transported to an exotic locale. I didn’t feel like I was even in the US. But thankfully for us in the rest of the 49 states, Hawaii is a part of the union (even though I feel we are not worthy to have them) and easily accessible without a passport or the hassle of going through customs. No waiting in long lines, with swollen feet, we were able to zip off the plane and into a cab to head to the resort.

Cliche as it may be, we couldn’t be in Hawaii and not got to a luau. The Four Seasons didn’t have one on their property, but they have relationships with the neighboring resorts and we choose to go to the one held at the Marriot Grand Wailea. The food delicious, the show was entertaining and took place atop a cliff with a backdrop of the breath taking Maui sunset.

Sunset luau performances

What I thought was so unique was that the performance took you through a mini history lesson of the Polynesian islands using song and dance. I never knew the Polynesian islands where all once united as one and the luau was a fun way to learn more about the rich cultures.

Gorgeous Views and Delicious Foods

Four Seasons is not all-inclusive and I believe because of that, they pour more into the quality of the food they serve, not having to worrying about quantity, which is so important. Pregnant women have to be so careful and are advised to avoid buffets because they are unsanitary. But, I had not one bad meal or snack during my stay, everything was made to order and tasted fresh. There were a few breakfast items that could be selected buffet style but the made to order pancakes, waffles and omelets made for a filling breakfast. Everything was delicious. And the fruits, especially the pineapples were so sweet they tasted like candy.

While enjoying our meals, we were able to overlook views that were so perfect, they looked like a screen saver and enjoy the soothing sounds of the crashing waves against the shore.

Beach view from the Serenity pool

Watching the sunset from our balcony

Made to order banana, blueberry and macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup

The famous Hawaiian shaved ice, much more delicious than a snow cone

POG juice a Hawaiian favorite, short for Passion fruit, Orange juice and Guava, it’s delicious

The juiciest snapper I’ve ever tasted

And we had a celebrity sighting! We saw Tia Mowry (from Sister Sister) and her family.

I have to give a special shout out to the room service. Because Hawaii is 6 hours behind east coast time, so every morning at around 3am I would wake up starving. Naturally I would call up for room service and they would arrive in no more than 20 minutes with my turkey sandwich and piping hot and crispy fries. I was amazed at how fast and efficient the room service was, they even set the table with a white tablecloth and flower every time. Me and Baby P were very grateful for this.


If you’re looking for a little excitement, we did find that on the beach. There were some serious waves, definitely not the calm seas that you find in the Caribbean. But, it was a lot of fun too! Jumping into the waves and letting them toss you up into the air, I felt like I was a kid again. We even spotted sea turtles, gently swimming only a few feet from us.

Sunset on the beach

And my favorite part was that there was no yucky seaweed wrapping itself around your limbs. The water was clean and refreshing.

Now I must caution you, I got a little too comfortable and underestimated the power of the waves and got tossed but I was fine, gave myself a time out on the lounge chair and then got right back in.

The Ultimate in Relaxation

The priority for this vacation was to relax and that we did. Four Seasons even made sure I had a full body pillow on the bed to make sure I was comfortable in my pregnant state. The room was spacious and comfortable, a welcomed change from our small NYC apartment. And the bathroom was so luxurious with a walk in shower and tub for soaking.

Hotel Room Tour

Even by the beach and by the pool, there was no additional charge for a cabana or lounge chairs and the staff made sure you were well hydrated with ice cold water and brought by fun snacks like watermelon water and caramel popcorn. There of course was a full menu of food and drinks to order and enjoy in between naps 😊

Lounging by the pool

I got so much rest, in the room, on the beach, by the pool that I am ready for the sleepless nights ahead.

Now be warned, once you go Four Seasons, you will never want to go back.

Question: Have you been on a babymoon or planning one, what destination do you have in mind?

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