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Celebrating Black Love

Instead of hoping, wishing and waiting to see more representation, I am celebrating the black love that I have the pleasure to have in my circle. These are couples who have a inspirational yet attainable type of relationship that the world deserves to see.

Top 3 Red Lipsticks That Look Beautiful on Brown Skin

The perfect red lipstick is a must have for every woman. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or CEO of a corporation, nothing says you mean business or comes close to being as sexy as a red lippie.

So I’ve gathered a list of my top 3 favorite most reached for red lipsticks that look beautiful on brown skin.

Keys To A Successful Long Distance Relationship

I highly recommend a long distance relationship for people who are looking for something serious. Its unique circumstances, if used properly, allow for a deeper connection that can develop faster than a traditional relationship.
But you have to be prepared for the extra work and expense it takes to make it work. So I’m sharing the keys that made my long distance relationship a success.

My Full Wash Day Routine| Type 4 Hair

When you find a combination that works for your natural hair, you gotta share it.
So this is my full wash day routine, including the products that my high porosity, low density, type 4 b/c hair enjoys.

2020: The Year We Survived

My greatest accomplishment this year was keeping my sanity and that’s no small feat because this year, I lost my job, lost loved ones and I almost lost my son. But I showed up. Every. Single. Day.

Holiday Hair Accessory DIY

DIY Holiday Hair Accessories

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My Authentic Mexican Food Experience in Harlem

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Our First Family Road Trip | Top 5 Spots in Dewey Beach, Delaware

There is no better time than now for a getaway. Sometimes just a quick weekend…

My First DevaCut Experience | Type 4C Natural Hair

When I began researching and interviewing clients and hairstylists for my DevaCut, Everything You Need…

Gorgeous on the Go with Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty Gorgeous on the Go As a lifelong makeup lover, I thoroughly enjoy sitting…

The Truth About Analysis Paralysis and How I Manage

  Hi, my name is Casie and I have analysis paralysis.    I obsess and…

How To Take Charge of Your Child’s Hospital Stay

Story smiling during his recent stay in the hospital My family recently went through some…