Switching From Corporate America To Stay At Home Mom Was Harder Than I Thought

Making the switch from working a corporate job to staying at home with my son fulltime was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I use to joke with friends that my dream was to become a stay at home mom. But I wanted to be the kind where you are surrounded by help, like a chef, a housekeeper, a nanny, a driver and personal assistant, so I could be free to go to the gym and work on my businesses and passion projects.
Ha! What a joke that was. Because in March 2020, I did unexpectedly become a stay at home mom and over a year later, I’m still waiting for my chef to arrive.

Celebrating Black Love

Instead of hoping, wishing and waiting to see more representation, I am celebrating the black love that I have the pleasure to have in my circle. These are couples who have a inspirational yet attainable type of relationship that the world deserves to see.

Keys To A Successful Long Distance Relationship

I highly recommend a long distance relationship for people who are looking for something serious. Its unique circumstances, if used properly, allow for a deeper connection that can develop faster than a traditional relationship.
But you have to be prepared for the extra work and expense it takes to make it work. So I’m sharing the keys that made my long distance relationship a success.

2020: The Year We Survived

My greatest accomplishment this year was keeping my sanity and that’s no small feat because this year, I lost my job, lost loved ones and I almost lost my son. But I showed up. Every. Single. Day.

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