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Summer Slimdown | How I Lost 13lbs Fast

We have been waiting for a whole year to enjoy something resembling a normal summer…

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Casies Story

I didn’t think I was ready to share the testimony about my son Story. I…

Switching From Corporate America To Stay At Home Mom Was Harder Than I Thought

Making the switch from working a corporate job to staying at home with my son fulltime was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I use to joke with friends that my dream was to become a stay at home mom. But I wanted to be the kind where you are surrounded by help, like a chef, a housekeeper, a nanny, a driver and personal assistant, so I could be free to go to the gym and work on my businesses and passion projects.
Ha! What a joke that was. Because in March 2020, I did unexpectedly become a stay at home mom and over a year later, I’m still waiting for my chef to arrive.

Celebrating Black Love

Instead of hoping, wishing and waiting to see more representation, I am celebrating the black love that I have the pleasure to have in my circle. These are couples who have a inspirational yet attainable type of relationship that the world deserves to see.