5 Cute Summer Makeup Looks To Try This Year

We have waited for over a year for something even resembling a proper summer and it’s so close I can feel it. No, I can literally feel it, New York City temps hit 90 degrees yesterday. And now it’s time to get you ready with 3 of my favorite cute summer makeup looks.

Aloe Vera for Natural Hair and Why I Love It

Coconut oil is out, cocoa butter and even shea butter are old news too because aloe vera is Thee magic ingredient my type 4 natural hair absolutely loves.

Aloe vera is nature’s wonder plant and I am sharing with you why I love it so much and how I incorporate it in my natural hair routine.

Spring Makeup Trend

5 Makeup Trends To Try This Spring

This year’s Spring Makeup trends have me so excited because they are all about the…

Top 3 Red Lipsticks That Look Beautiful on Brown Skin

The perfect red lipstick is a must have for every woman. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or CEO of a corporation, nothing says you mean business or comes close to being as sexy as a red lippie.

So I’ve gathered a list of my top 3 favorite most reached for red lipsticks that look beautiful on brown skin.