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Casies Story

Casies Story

Casie and Story smiling outside

I didn’t think I was ready to share the testimony about my son Story. I did share some of it on my Instagram and it is still there under the Baby Story highlights, but had no plans to go any further with it. It’s a tough and traumatic story that’s ongoing even to this day, right now, as I am writing to you. And honestly, I have not fully processed it all.

But God had other plans.

Casie and Story smiling outside

Out of the blue came the opportunity to share my story on the website Mother’s On Our Knees.  The site is a document of the power of prayer and God’s faithfulness, filled with stories much like mine. So, I knew it was the most fitting place to begin to share my own testimony.

I did not however, expect how hard it would be to write. I failed to realize that I would have to relive everything over again while writing (ughhh). That was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

But, here it is, click to read Casie’s Story.

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