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The Best Wash N Go Ever | Type 4c Hair

The Best Wash N Go Ever | Type 4c Hair

Summer is here and now I don’t have to walk around freezing in these streets with a head full of wet hair waiting for my wash n go to dry. I wear my wash n go’s all year long, but summer is definitely the official wash n go season.

This is the hairstyle that will get you through the backyard barbecues or outdoor brunches and you never have to worry about whether your curls are still intact. But us girls with type 4c hair often avoid this style because we don’t get the same results as girls with looser hair types.

But not anymore!

I am your wash n go fairy godmother and I am sharing with you my secrets for your most defined, juiciest and bounciest 4c wash n go ever.

Click to watch the video tutorial or read on for the details.


I have spent the last 6 years of my natural hair journey perfecting this style because I rarely have the time to spend on twist outs or braids. And I have discovered that the perfect wash n go for my type 4c hair comes down to 2 things, Product and Technique.

Now let me break it down…


Shampoo is important and so is your deep conditioner, but without the perfect styler, a type 4c head of hair won’t have the curl definition or staying power you want out of your wash n go. But this product that I was introduced to while deep in a YouTube binge,  is the game changer that has given be better results than I thought possible.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Stimulator

Uncle Funkys Daughter Curly Magic for 4c Wash n go


No lies where told when they called this black-owned, gel styler magic. It’s filled with hair nourishing ingredients like organic aloe vera juice, marshmallow root, chamomile, nettle and vitamin E. And free from all the stuff we want to avoid like parabens, phthalates and sulfates. It’s also vegan and cruelty free. It’s available everywhere, online and in the drugstores. It is currently $15.99 at Target.

Uncle Funkys Daughter Curly Magic Slippery Texture 4c Wash n Go

Curly Magic has a slippery texture that helps you glide your fingers through your strands easily, mixes well with other products and dries clear. Also is has a very light botanical scent that fades away quickly.

Wash n go technique

Now that you have the perfect product, let’s talk about how to use it. Before you even start the styling process make sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to pre-poo or detangle in the shower while deep conditioning, just do not skip this step. If your curls are still matted and frizzy when you step out the shower, then all you will be doing is setting the matting and frizz in place. The best wash n go results are achieved when you take the time to carefully detangle your hair.

How to apply the product

Curly magic should be applied onto soaking wet hair. Not damp, not moist, but soaking wet. And the best application technique to get 4c curls and coils to clump is the raking method. Pump a small amount of product onto your fingers and finger comb the styler through your hair section by section.

4c wash n go Raking method demonstration

Once you’ve applied the styler to your entire head, leave it alone. Do not continue to touch your hair as it’s drying, that will disturb the curls and cause frizz.

Final results

I have never received as many compliments from friends and strangers in all of my natural hair life. My hair is juicy, defined, bouncy and soft! I have yet to find a product that give me these kind of results. Although I’m always open to trying new products, this one will be tough to beat for sure.

Will you be rocking a wash n go this summer and have you ever tried Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic? This product is so good, I want to expand and try others from this brand.

With Love,

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