How To Achieve Perfectly Defined Finger Coils on 4C Hair

4c Finger coil results

I am having fun switching up hairstyles on my TWA. And my most recent style is finger coils. Finger coils create a beautiful and well defined coil pattern that looks effortless. I’ve found the style to be super simple to do and long lasting with the right products. And I am sharing with you how I achieved this fun and versatile style on my 4c hair.

What Are Finger Coils

Finger coils are a type of hairstyle where spiral coils are created by twirling small sections of hair around your fingers and you guessed it, that’s also where the name comes from. And as easy as it is to understand, it’s just as easy to achieve.

results of my first finger coil on my 4c hair

Are Finger Coils A Protective Style?

A protective style is one that gives your hair a break from the manipulation of styling. And also protects your strands from friction against materials that can dry it out.

For my teenie weenie afro, finger coils are a great protective style. But, if your hair reaches your shoulders or longer, you would need to pin your hair up and out of the way, so that the ends of your hair don’t rub against the fabric of your clothes, which can dry out your hair and cause it to break off.

How Long Do Finger Coils Last

This depends on many factors including how tightly the coils are wound, the level of hold of the gel used, hair type and how well the coils are protected at night. But finger coils can last until your next wash day, a week or even longer.

Can Finger Coils Grow 4c Hair?

Hair grows from the root and no hairstyle will cause it to grow faster. But, finger coils used as a protective hairstyle can help prevent excess hair breakage and retain length. 

What Tools Are Needed?

These are all the tools needed to create your finger coils:

  1. Clips
  2. Spray Bottle filled with water
  3. Styling Gel and
  4. your Fingers

Step by Step Finger Coil Tutorial On 4c Hair

Click to watch my finger coil video tutorial
  1. Start on freshly washed, conditioned and thoroughly detangled hair that is still wet
  2. Gather your tools
  3. Separate your hair in small sections and use the clips to keep the hair you’re not working on out the way
  4. Use the spray bottle to rewet hair as needed
  5. Separate out a small section of hair, take a small amount of gel in your fingers and rake it through the section of hair that you’re working with
  6. Then starting at the root, twirl the hair around your finger as you make your way down to the ends of your hair
  7. You may need to twirl the hair a few times until the coil holds by itself
  8. Repeat section by section until your entire head is complete
my first finger coil results

How Do You Sleep With Finger Coils?

At night, I simply covered my hair with a satin bonnet to preserve the style. And the next morning I gently shake my coils with my fingers to wake them up. That’s it! It really doesn’t get much simpler.

Do You Unravel Finger Coils?

The small bouncy coils can be transformed again when they are unraveled. They turn into a cute and fluffy coil out that gives more volume and extends the life of the style.

finger coil out results on my 4c hair
finger coil out results

Finger Coil Inspiration

I turned to YouTube for inspiration on how to achieve my own finger coils before I tried them myself. Here are two videos that I found very helpful

I just love the versatility of our hair. I could never get bored with all the style options that it can do. Have you ever tried finger coils? What style should I try next?

With Love,

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