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4c Hairstyle Inspiration to Have You Running to the Salon

4c Hairstyle Inspiration to Have You Running to the Salon

4c hair inspiration

When a woman cuts, colors or does some else drastic with her hair, you know she means business and is about to change her life. 

That’s where I am right now. I am bored with my hair in its current state and I want to shake things up in my life too. I don’t know why these two go together but they always do. 

I’ve got a plan for how to shake up my life and now it’s time to figure out this hair. 

I’m ready to do something different with my hair, but I’m not exactly sure what. So I’ve turned to my fellow naturalistas for inspiration and compiled X hairstyles that I am admiring right now. 

If you are looking for a change too, check out these looks and make sure you have your hairstylist on speed dial because you’re going to want to make an appointment. 

Blonde Bombshell Tapered Cut

Source @imaprilchristina on Instagram

April @imaprilchristina showcased this new ultra dope cut and color on her Instagram created by her long time stylist Philadelphia-based @haircolorkilla – her handle says it all. I was blown away by how fierce it turned out so I had to include it here. It inspires me to go beyond the “all I need is a trim” and go for something that stands out. Don’t you just love this look?!

Fall Inspired Ginger Hair Color

Ginger 4c hair color inspiration fall inspired
Source @braidshaircentro

I am tempted to get this fall inspired ginger color. I know they say blondes have more fun, but the red heads are saying, “hold up, now look at this”. This color could be customized by a color specialist to bring out the deep reds, oranges or blondes and it truly complements our melanin and a variety of hair types and textures as you see in this post.

Boss Babe Coily Tapered Cut


I love this tapered cut. The way my life is set up as a mom with an active toddler, I don’t think I could properly maintain color. I’ve heard that red is very hard to maintain that requires frequent touchups. So unless there is a salon that has a babysitting service, a cut like this seems like one that I could manage myself but still look like the boss that I want to show up as everyday.

Royally Braided Crown


This is a striking look that could also double as a protective style. Half the hair is braided toward one side and the rest of your hair can be left out or you could easily put on a half wig for more volume and va-va voom. Another easily recreated style that can last for a couple weeks.

Super Fly Shaved Side Taper Cut

4c hairstlye frohawk with shaved designs

You could let your barber get real creative with the designs on the sides of this super fly frohawk and switch it up often. This look leaves a lasting impression while you walk away. I do however know that you would have to have a standing appointment weekly or bi weekly to keep this look sharp. To let this cut go unkempt would be a crime.

Coily Blonde Flat Twisted Fro Hawk

blonde fro hawk with flat twisted sides 4c hair inspiration

What I love about this look is that the flat twisted sides not only give this cut some extra interest but, it’s a great way to keep your sides looking neat if they’ve grown out to an awkward length. And, you can test out whether you want to shave the sides of your hair before you actually do it. I love versatility and a plan to keep my haircut looking good as it grows out or between appointments.

Perfectly Protected Braided Style

braided 4c hairstyle

If you’re looking for a protective style that doesn’t require added hair, this style is a no brainer. The precision, the design, the artistry. I love this head turning braided style.

Quick Hairstyle Tutorial

Source The Gloved Natural on YouTube

In the meantime, while I search for the hairstylist to help me achieve the perfect cut, The Gloved Natural on YouTube shares 9 super simple styles in this tutorial. What I love about these are that they can not only be done with minimal effort but you can also do them with an old twist out or wash n go.

I am so inspired by all of these naturalistas. Now I just need to find a stylist. Let me know in the comments if you know of natural hair stylist that you recommend.

With Love,

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