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Empowering Moms

Empowering Moms

empowering moms

Motherhood is not for the weak. Because no matter how you started, once that baby comes it unlocks a new level of strength, determination and the ability to function on very little sleep. Which that on its own is a super power. I had friends who when they announced that they were pregnant, I was so nervous for them and their ability to be responsible enough to be a good parent. But each and every time, I’d be surprised at how they would transform into loving, strong and competent moms.

Thankfully for many of us, the motherhood instinct kicks in to provide us with what we need to survive, but is that the best we can do? Just survive? Well, I believe that there is so much more for us, that we can not just survive, but also flourish and thrive.


“God knows that a mother needs fortitude and courage and tolerance and flexibility and patience and firmness and nearly every other brave aspect of the human soul.” – Phyllis McGinley

What is an empowered mother?

An empowered mother is self-assured, prioritizes self-care, owns their responsibilities and their influence on others. They take charge of themselves and make a positive change for those under their care and within their sphere of influence.

Self-assured mom

We do not have time to second guess ourselves and our methods. We have laundry, presentations to complete and children to wrangle – all at the same time. Society and social media presents a lot of ideas of how best to parent your child. They detail this Pinterest perfect vision of motherhood that if you want to be the best mom you can be, you must follow. Ha! I rebuke that in the name of Jesus!

No one can tell you how to best parent your kids, or manage your household. Be reassured that your kids are your responsibility and they were not given to you by accident. Everything you are is perfectly aligned to be the best for your children. Know that, believe that and walk in that confidence.

Self-care mom

An empowered mom makes time to care for herself – whatever that looks like. I initially rejected the term self-care because it was only framed in one way, bubble baths and wine. And I am not that kind of girl. But now I have a better understanding that self-care is about about self. Nourishing your mind, body and spirit however that looks like to you.

For me it’s spending quiet time with God, being creative and moving my body. When I make time for these things, I am a better mom. So what does that look like for you? If it’s wine and bubble baths, great! But whatever it is, make time for it.

Responsible and influential mom

The list of responsibilities we have as moms is long but to own those responsibilities does not mean that we execute them all alone. Think of a CEO of a business. Does the CEO create the strategy for the business and write the marketing copy? No way, they delegate responsibilities. An empowered mom delegates, trusts and empowers their partner to help with the workload and is not afraid to get the additional help that they need.

And moms are the original influencers. The influence of a mom in someone’s life affects generations. Understanding your powerful influence and becoming a good steward of that influence is another trait of empowered motherhood.

What does empowered motherhood look like?

Empowered motherhood is not a one size fits all. Each household is unique in their dynamics and in their needs. But I believe that there are some similar traits that can be found throughout each one. Empowered motherhood has a deep understanding of the needs of their family and works to meet those needs in the best way. That doesn’t mean that you know how to handle everything that comes your way or that you are completely free of doubts or fears, but you don’t let that stop you. Because you understand that the wealth and health of your family is at stake.

Why is it important?

An empowered mom makes for an empowered family, community and nation. It has generational and global effects. Generations and nations are blessed when in the midst of an empowered mother. And empowered mothers, create more empowered mothers, it’s contagious.

How to empower yourself as a mom

  • Build yourself up – An empowered mom is confidence and confidence is a muscle that needs to be fed. We all have different starting points, some of us are further along than others, but we can all get stronger. Build yourself up by affirming yourself, learning something new, owning who you are and show up as your authentic self.
  • Advocate for yourself, for those you love and for those who cannot speak for themselves. Only you know what your needs are and how best they can be met. Your needs are important and you deserve to have the time taken to make your needs a priority.
  • Make time for self-care – I cannot pretend and say that self-care can always be a priority. But I can say that it is critical to make the time for it in order to empower yourself. Let’s commit to putting on the oxygen mask on ourselves first y making self care a regular practice, so that you can show up as your very best (and refreshed) self for your family and for your self.

How to become an empowered mom

You can apply some of the same tips for walking in confidence to help you become an empowered mom.

And they are:

  • Affirmations – I cannot say this enough that it starts with your thoughts and words. It is important to align both of those with the vision of the empowered mother that you desire to become. Don’t have any? Borrow some of mine.
    • I was created for a unique purpose (Ephesians 2:10)
    • I walk in power, in love and in self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7)
    • I am loved… (John 3:16)
    • For God has not given me a spirit of fear…
  • Build your mom tribe – Did I say earlier that empowered moms, create other empowered moms? Surround yourself with women you admire and that you can learn from. And also include women you are trying to reach your level. I believe in lifting as we climb and that means learning from others but also freely passing down that knowledge to others as well.

How can you empower another mom?

I’m a big believer in our responsibility as human beings who have been blessed in so many ways, to give back. To your community and to others. And to empower another mothers is a powerful way to be a blessing. You can empower another mother by giving them a voice. Holding space for that mom, building them up and encouraging and helping them to believe in herself. Share with her the knowledge you’ve gained in a loving and nonjudgmental way.


Does all of this feel like a tall order? Like it’s adding more thing on your never ending todo list? Every transformation starts with just one step. In starting your empowerment journey, commit to adding just one of these steps into your life. And once you master that, add another and another and watch how these little changes transform your entire life.


With Love,

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