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7 Things Every New Mom Needs To Hear

7 Things Every New Mom Needs To Hear

Motherhood is filled with stress, uncertainty and second guessing of yourself and your decisions. And so, a simple word of encouragement can change the direction of a struggling mom’s day. You may not know exactly what to say to her but, the new mom in your life needs to hear from you. So, here are some words, shared to me by real moms, that you can say to give her exactly what she needs to hear.

You’re doing a great job!

My mom would share these words with me during the weeks and months after I gave birth and it never failed that right after I would feel a calm wash over me. As a first time mom, I never felt like I was doing was enough or even the right thing, so it was so encouraging to hear that I was doing a great job.

You got this mama!

Share these words with a mom who feels overwhelmed and unsure at how she will juggle all her tasks and responsibilities. When she feels that she can’t go on, let her know that she can and she will. And then follow up with an offer to help in a practical way, if you are able.

You’re a great mom

This encouraging sentiment is so reassuring because at least 100 times a day as a mom, you wonder how you rate and undoubtedly the rating that you’d give yourself is not a good one (thanks mom guilt). So say these words to a mom who is doubting herself.

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, and then fake it till you make it.

Coming into motherhood, you don’t know what you don’t know, no matter how many book or blogs you read. No one can be fully prepared for it, so reassure this mom that none of us have it all together and that she should continue to do the best that she can.

It’s ok to cry

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, but can be a mental and emotional release. Let the “strong” mom know that she doesn’t have to keep her emotions bottled up and be that shoulder to cry on and allow her to release.

It’s ok to ask for help, a break, a nap

Your husband or your tribe can’t read your mind. Encourage this supermom to communicate what she needs. And even encourage to ask and accept help even when she doesn’t need it. There is no gold medal for doing it all on your own.

Do what is best for your family

This one is for the mom who has over bearing, “know it all” voices criticizing her every move. Following the advice of every person who thinks they know better, will have you running in a million different directions so encourage her to continue to do what works for her family.

Take what you need to hear today and then share one with another mom today.

With Love,

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