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What’s Your “Why”?

What’s Your “Why”?

When you decided to start your business, non-profit, begin your fitness journey, write a book…whatever it may have been, there was something that moved you to do it… That’s your Why.

It’s the very reason you started, your north star, your compass.

On January 1st, I started working with a personal trainer that I have been following on Instagram for some time now. Her name is Tameika G and she is amazing. She lost over 100lbs about 12 years ago and has kept it off ever since. And now she provides online personal training.

There are so many trainers all over Instagram but I choose her because she keeps her life balanced. It’s a big part of her philosophy. Yes, she kills it in the gym and eats healthy meals, but she also travels, drinks wine, eats pizza – she enjoys a full and fabulous life. And in her, I found someone who leads a lifestyle that’s realistic and attainable.

I was moved by an assignment she gave, which was to write down your why. To sit down and take some quiet time to be honest with ourselves and reflect on why we decided to start this fitness journey, so that when the tough times come, like when you don’t feel like going to the gym or when you had a hard day and want to eat a whole bag of chips, we can re-read our why as reminder to stay the course.

I asked her if it was ok if I shared this concept with you because it applies to so many things, not just fitness…Why did you decide you get married? Why did you decide to start a business, to go back to school? Anything you started began with a why and sometimes we just need to be reminded so that we can keep pushing.

And there is so much power in writing things down – making the vision plain. And even going a step further to read it aloud – speaking life to seal the deal you are making with yourself.

Now this is a little personal, but I’m going to share with you why I started my fitness journey. I hope it will encourage you to write yours down, keep it close and use it as a reminder so that you never give up.

Casie’s Why

I want to feel amazing and confident again. I want to be ready to hit the beach in a bikini at all times.

I want to be a runner again – breezing through my 3 miles a day, soaking up the endorphins of a runners high and never wondering if I could out run a zombie in a post-apocalyptic world.

I want to enjoy shopping and be able to wear things that make me look and feel great.

I want a better and healthier relationship with food, to fuel my body with healthy and delicious meals but, also enjoy a cheeseburger and cupcakes as a treat every now and again without guilt or shame.

Even though my husband loves me as I am right now, I want to be the best I can be for him because when I look and feel better about myself, I’ll be a much better wife.

And I don’t want to succumb to body breakdown as I get older. If I have kids and definitely for my nieces and nephews I want to play with them. To be that fun mom and aunt that I know I am.

And I want all of this for the rest of my life.

Now, it’s your turn…What’s Your Why?

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