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Welcome to Baby P’s Shower

Welcome to Baby P’s Shower

Over 60 of our dearest family and friends gathered on Saturday, October 12th, to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby P. Love was in the air and looking over the crowd you couldn’t differentiate between my side of the family, my husband’s family, or friends. Everyone blended together to make for the most perfect day.


My sweet husband was the general that lead the group of 3 of our friends Shaleem, Sivan and K’ntrice and planned a celebration that was more amazing than I could have imagined, from the food, the decor, the guests, the venue. Even the weather chipped in and gave us a sunny day with ideal temps, so that we could enjoy the patio without melting or freezing.


I want to invite you to be a part of our day. Welcome to the celebration of Baby P.

We worked with Veronica Cox from Lehigh’s Events as our event designer and she also coordinated most of the sweet treats, including the delicious blue velvet cake. We requested the red velvet cake be made blue instead since Baby P is a boy.

My red velvet cake aficionados out there know that you can’t just eat any ol’ red velvet. But this cake! Oh my! I ate about 4 pieces that day and then continued to eat it throughout that week. It was so good, definitely top 2 red velvet cakes that I’ve ever eaten.


For the decor, there was none of your typical pastel colors, or rubber duckies here, the shower theme was storybooks, using Anansi’s fables as the central theme. Bright and bold primary colors helped it come to life. I was wowed when I entered the venue by how well Veronica transformed the space and captured the essence of our theme.


Anansi themed dessert table from Veronica Cox and Steph’s Sweet Boutique


Stephanie from Steph’s Sweets Boutique brought a custom touch with her hand crafted Anansi and book themed cookies that were not only gorgeous works of art but also delicious.

Baby P is already a connector as his village came from all over the east coast and as far as California in anticipation of his arrival.

Between eating the array of mouthwatering soul food from both of our cultures and conversation, we played games and the men even got involved.

Towards the end of the evening our family and friends shared beautiful (and funny) anecdotes reminiscing about how we met that had our hearts full.

And to close out the night as a special surprise treat for our guests, we revealed Baby P’s name. And we did it in a fun way by giving clues and inviting them to guess.

As unique as Baby P’s name is, two people actually did guess correctly.

And Baby P’s name is…

For everyone else, you will just have to wait until Baby P arrives to know his name – we’ve sworn all of our guests to secrecy 🙂

Thanking our guests for coming and being an integral part in Baby P’s special day. And don’t you love the Papa Bear shirt my husband wore, from Black Fathers Exist Clothing Brand

Our hearts are overwhelmed with the amount of love and support shown by our family and friends. Becoming a parent is nerve-wrecking but, we are encouraged to know that Baby P has a huge village all over the U.S. who already care for him.

We are blessed to have each of them in our lives.

Baby P’s Village

Big thanks also to our family and friends who jumped to help last minute without even being asked. Including our photographer and uncle extraordinaire Brooks Butler.

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