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Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy can be very tough on the body.


And while I still believe that I had it good in comparison to some horror stories that I’ve heard, I dealt with my fair share of aches, pains, exhaustion and heart burn.


But, there were 5 products that help me better manage those pains and because I believe sharing is caring 🙂 I am sharing them now with you.


Use this as a shopping list for yourself or if you’re looking for a useful gift for a pregnant lady in your life. Links will be provided for everything listed to make it easy. And As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, so if you purchase one of these items using the links provided I may earn a small commission.

1. Heart Burn Relief

I had crazy heart burn throughout most of my pregnancy. I even had to stop eating some of my foods (oh, pizza how I missed you) to avoid the painful re flux that always followed.


So Alka Seltzer Chews were on deck at all times to soothe the fire in my chest. I recommend keeping some at home, in your car, at work and in your purse to make sure you’re prepared whenever it strikes. These were completely safe for me to take but, please be sure to check with your doctor first before taking anything new.


2. Stay Hydrated Sis

You’re not exactly eating for 2, but you should be drinking enough water for 2. So I found these large Starbucks insulated cups to be perfect for staying hydrated without having to go back and forth to the fridge every second for a refill.


I don’t recommend traveling with these cups, but they are great to use at home or at work to have easy access to take a sip of water without fumbling with a twist cap that many of the popular water bottle brands have.


Of course you don’t need to purchase this cup online, they sell these bottles in most Starbucks and you can get them for about 16 bucks.


3. Stretch Mark Reducer

Shea Butter and Bio oil combo

I have plenty of pre-pregnancy stretch marks but I was able to significantly reduce my pregnancy stretch marks with this concoction I used every single day.


If you also have pre-pregnancy stretch marks or are genetically predisposed, you are likely going to get them no matter what. But try putting shea butter all over your belly, hips, thighs and breasts first, then layering bio oil over top to seal in the moisture. Use this combination every day – twice a day if you can.


There’s still no proven method to prevent stretch marks but, my OB/GYN told me microneedling can be used to remove stretch marks and this method is the only thing that really works for brown skin. I haven’t tried it yet but perhaps I will be the guinea pig to test it out and report back to you…

4. For A Good Night’s Sleep

I highly recommend investing in a pregnancy pillow to help you get into a more comfortable position in the bed.

It does take up a lot of space but it is so worth it. Put the pillow between your legs to better align your hips and relieve the pressure.

One thing I loved about this design over some others, is that either way I would toss and turn during the night, I didn’t have to move the pillow. And now that my baby is here, I can still use the pillow to help better position him for breastfeeding.


5. Reducing pain of carry the growing belly

If I could only have one item on this list, this would be it. The more my belly grew, the heavier it became to the point where it was almost impossible to walk. And I live in New York City where I have to walk everywhere.


This belt was purchase for me by my husband and I am so glad he had the foresight to get it. I wouldn’t have been able to get to work or even up out of the bed to the bathroom if I didn’t have this belt. I am not exaggerating, this belt made having somewhat a normal life possible.

If you’re experience hip pain, pelvis pain or being weighed down by your belly, try this out for some relief.

I hope that you find this list helpful. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, where I’ll be sharing items that took me from pregnancy to postpartum.


What are some things that helped you get through your pregnancy?

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