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The Illusion of Finding Balance

The Illusion of Finding Balance

I have always chased after this thing called “Balance”. This magical place when you reach the highest level of conscious living, somewhere above the stars, where all of your responsibilities, passions and even your time for rest is in perfect harmony. None taking more time in your life than the other.

Even more so, since I restarted my fitness journey have I sought this balance. Because my life has come to revolve around my workouts and healthy eating schedules. I work out at 5am during the week, so I have to be up by 4:45am. And in order to wake up that early, I have to be in bed before 10pm (yep, I’m living that grandma life). And I haven’t been the most fun person to eat with, my meals although not depriving, are very regulated – no more chicken and waffle, unlimited mimosa brunches for me.

Basically my life has shifted out of balance.

When I came to this realization, it made me a little sad. “Was this going to be my life forever?” I am not spending enough energy on all the things I love and are important to me. How am I am going to fit in time for my blog, my job and most importantly my family? And keeping my apartment clean – forget about it.

But then the answer came as a revelation in my spirit, it brought me perspective, peace and comfort, so I know it was the Holy Spirit. He said…

Balance is perfection and no one is perfect

The key isn’t to try and figure out how to balance everything perfectly. Perfection is impossible, but we can learn to how to best maneuver with all that life brings.

There are different seasons in life and right now, I am in a weight loss phase that requires a lot of attention, but I won’t always be there and soon I will be in a maintenance phase that doesn’t require as much focus.

When I first got married, it was important that I spend a lot of my time and attention to nurture the foundation of my relationship. Now, I haven’t completely abandoned my husband, but we’ve opened our lives more to spend time with friends and doing things we love apart from each other.

When I first started my new job, I had to spend my energies learning this new business, making a name for myself and proving to them and myself that I was the right hire. Now, I’ve found a groove and my job is no longer my singular focus

Different seasons require your energy and attention to shift disproportionately to certain things. And that is ok.

Give yourself permission to take a break

This is a reminder for those of you who are fighting past burnout. Juggling multiple projects for yourself and others, who say I’ll leave the office just after I get this one email sent and it’s already way past 9pm.

Please hear me when I say, you will never finish all of your work. More work, responsibilities and projects are on the way right after the one you’re working on now. It won’t ever stop. So, do yourself a favor and take break when you need it. Or better yet, take a break before you need it. You will be so much more productive if you do.

God is the ultimate source of restoration

I also understand that we can’t always take a break, it’s not always feasible. But if God is your source and creator, then He has everything you need and can give you rest and restoration in the times when you can’t give it to yourself.

Can only get a couple hours of sleep each night? Watch how God can turn those 2 hours into the most restful night’s sleep you ever had. Too busy to find time to eat a decent meal? God will fill you until you can fill yourself. I promise

I hope that now you feel the weight and pressure start to lift off you as it has for me.

I’m no longer seeking the illusion of balance. I’m focused on how to better maneuver the waves of life, just like a pro surfer. They don’t try to tame the waves or run away from them, they practice until they become experts at riding them.

And now, I’m much less stressed learning to ride these waves.

Question: What season are you in? Do you struggle to find balance?

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