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If You’re Thinking Of Quitting, Read This First

If You’re Thinking Of Quitting, Read This First

My fitness journey continues to be a challenge. I give up and start again on an almost weekly basis.

It’s just that my goals seem so far away. So I often have to remind myself to focus on making good choices for my body one day at a time. Don’t get stuck always looking so far ahead. And even when I do make the wrong decision, I have to recover quickly and get back on the right track… it’s exhausting, not just physically but also mentally.

I had an MRI done last December and the results confirmed the arthritis and small meniscus tears in both knees. And my orthopedic doctor prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy to see if it could help with the pain.

Arthritis cannot be cured but it can be managed.

I had no idea what to expect on my first day of physical therapy. But as I looked around I kept thinking “I should not be here”and “I’m never coming back”. Because the place looked like a gym for slow and broken people. I feel so bad for even thinking that but that’s how I felt.

But honestly. I was embarrassed to accept that I DID belong there, I was one of those “slow and broken people”.

After the doctor performed my initial assessment, he told me that I would no longer be able to run and I’d have to find another form of exercise.

That news has haunted me over the last few months. I love running. Yes it’s painful, but it’s the only exercise besides dancing that I truly enjoy. And with that verdict, hanging over my head, it’s also made it difficult to be consistent in the gym. I know, there is still the bike or elliptical but I don’t really like those.

So the majority of my workouts for the past few months, have been at my twice a week physical therapy appointments. I decided to get over myself, stick it out and keep coming back for treatment.

Progress was slow, but after a few weeks, I felt stronger. I incorporated my therapists advice into my every day life and began strengthening my hips, legs and glutes to take the extra stress off my knees.

My last day of therapy was March 27th, 2017. And I have made tremendous progress, my legs are stronger, I can walk up and down stairs without pain. Even my doctor was impressed.

So I decided to ask him again if there was any chance I’d be able to run and he said… Of Course!

Yaaay!!! That was THE best news I’ve had in a while!

Now, I do need to slowly work up to full out running and continue with my strengthening exercises but, ya girl will be found on a treadmill near you VERY soon.

I just want to encourage you wherever you’re at right now. If you’re like me, one of the slow and broken people or you’ve started and stopped a thousand times, fitness related or not, Just. Keep. Putting. In. Work and keep showing up because I promise it will be worth it in the end.

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