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How To Have The Best Jury Duty Experience Ever

How To Have The Best Jury Duty Experience Ever

This is the post you’re going to want to bookmark. The kind of guide that you think you don’t need, but you will regret that you didn’t save it when your time comes. And IT IS coming, if it hasn’t already.

You are going to need the tips I’m going to share. And I don’t want you to miss out on what can be a wonderful experience, if you plan it correctly.

It has not even been 3 years since moving to NYC and the government picked my name to serve the dreaded Jury Duty. *insert collective groan*

I couldn’t believe they found me so soon.

But, I served my time like a good American citizen and I want to share with you what made it a rejuvenating and relaxing experience Plus what I could’ve done to set the day over the top. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Dress In Comfortable Layers

I’m not talking about sweats pants or a track suit but wear slacks or pants that aren’t too tight or restrictive. Ones that you will feel comfortable sitting in for long periods. Plus, they should have some give for the incredible lunch you are going to have. Pair that with a long sleeve top and jacket or zip-front hoodie and you’re ready for whatever the A/C may or may not be serving in the room you’ll be waiting in.

Bring Snacks

You know you have a long wait a head of you right? Well think of it more as time to reflect, to Netflix and chill, meditate, whatever you desire but, you don’t want to do it with a growling stomach. So, pack some of your favorite snacks. And leave the carrot sticks at home, treat this day a cheat day and bring snacks that you look forward to eating.

But at the very least, bring some cash for the vending machine.

Scope Out The Area Restaurants Ahead Of Time

This is an important one, a tip my boss gave me – after the fact. You will have an hour maybe more for lunch so why don’t you plan to visit a new interesting restaurant in the area? Yelp is a great resource for finding hidden gems or you can always ask friends for a recommendation.

You don’t want to waste time roaming around trying to find a place to eat so if you have a plan you can head straight there with plenty of time to enjoy your meal.

There’s Wifi, So You Can Bring Your Laptop

I highly recommend using this time to read, watch a movie, work on a passion project – anything but work. I was able to finally dig into Michelle Obama’s memoir and I was grateful for the quiet time to read.

This is the one day off where your employer cannot legally expect you to be available. This is your time! So enjoy it wisely.

Also don’t forget to bring an extra long charger or extension cord. There’s no shame in your game. The wall outlet may be far from where you’re sitting, but you want to be able to charge your device while comfortably seated

Pick A Seat Next To The Wall

You are dressed comfortably, well fed and relaxed, you might just doze off. And that’s ok, just pick a seat next to a wall to rest your head when the sandman comes to take you away.

Combine all of these tips and you will have the most enjoyable jury duty experience you never thought you could have.

So get excited when you see that white and red summons come through the mail because you will be prepared to enjoy your government mandated vacation.

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