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Highs, Lows and Plateaus: My Fitness Update

Highs, Lows and Plateaus: My Fitness Update

Weight Loss Math Ok. It’s a made up term. But I can guarantee that if you are or have ever been on a fitness journey that you know exactly what it is.

The formula goes something like this, “If I have 6 weeks until my big event and I can safely lose 2 pounds per week then I will be 12 pounds lighter by the day of the event”. Or my favorite, “I need to lose 30 pounds and at a 2 pound per week weight loss average, it should take me less than 4 months to do it”.

It sounds so simple and achievable (insert eye roll), BUT this math is also so flawed because it doesn’t take into account LIFE. You know, birthday celebrations, work stress, happy hours with friends. Normal occurrences that can throw you off the strict regimen that it takes to consistently lose 2 pounds every week. (For those who don’t know why I keep saying 2 pounds per week – experts say that is the max recommended amount weight to safely lose each week.)

I say all of this because I have been shying away from giving you an update on my fitness journey. I have been calculating and recalculating my weight loss math formula and I am not where I’d hoped I would be. I wanted to present to you a totally transformed Casie by now.

But I am human, life has been doing its life thing and I have been bouncing around plus or minus 3 pounds from my current weight for the past few months. As frustrating as that can be, I remember not so long ago when I was wishing I could be where I am now. So hooray for progress!

Weight loss isn’t easy as people on the internet sometimes make it seem. They show the before and amazing after picture but often don’t mention the bumpy road it took to get there. But in my effort to be transparent here on my blog, I will.

Here is where I am now.

October 4, 2018

Bust: 35.5”

Waist: 28.5”

Hips: 42”

Weight: 155lbs

And click here to see where I started.

Three months are left in 2018 and I am committed to continue making progress. I am carrying with me the tools that help me stay on track, like logging all my meals on MyFitnessPal app and leaning on my friends who are committed to their fitness journey and encourage me to stick with it.

Question? What are you doing to end the year strong?

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