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God’s Plan Part 2

God’s Plan Part 2

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly wild life can be. When I wrote my my first God’s Plan post, sharing the story about how my husband and I got together, I never gave it a thought that there would be a part 2.

So while I was planning my life as a fabulous “Rich Aunty”, you know, the cool aunt who took you to see R rated movies in her convertible and let you take your first sip of champagne, God had other plans in store for me and my husband…

I am excited to announce that my husband and I are expecting. We are 18 weeks along with a healthy and extra-wiggly (from what we’ve seen on the sonogram) baby.

Aloha Baby Patterson

Baby Patterson at 16 weeks

Everyday since we’ve found out has been so special, exciting and of course overwhelming but we are looking forward to this new twist in life and I am excited to share this journey with you.

To start I am going to share some of the questions that I get the most and if I missed anything, let me know your question in the comments below and I will be happy to answer.

How did we find out?

Well we weren’t planning for a baby (we also weren’t preventing) so it was a shock. If you look back at some of my old Instagram posts, I was talking about how tired I was, scattered brained and unable to focus. So much so that I had to take a day off from work just to rest, which I would normally never do. At the time, I didn’t know that what I thought was burnout, was my body preparing for a new life.

So, I actually found out the day I had jury duty, which I did write a post about and you can check it out here. I didn’t have any of the obvious symptoms like morning sickness or nausea, but as I mentioned before, I was exhausted, unable to focus and while I had been faithful to the healthy eating plan I was on for 3 months, I was suddenly craving carbs. Like big bowls of pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, something I hadn’t eaten since I was a kid. There was now a nagging thought in my mind that I could be pregnant.

So I concocted a plan that on my way home from jury duty, I would stop at the store pick up a pregnancy test and take it real quick before my husband got home, so that when it said negative I would throw it away and he wouldn’t have to know and potentially be disappointed.

And I that’s what I did. I followed the instructions on the test and wasn’t nervous at all because silly Casie you can’t be pregnant. But, boy was I wrong. Those 2 lines showed up so fast and proved me wrong.

How did I tell my husband?

After seeing the positive test and then racing to get to the store to get another test just to be sure, my mind was completely spinning. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband but I knew it had to be in person and it had to be right away.

I so wanted to devise this beautiful way to tell him the news but he was going to be home any minute, so there was no time. But to be a little creative, I placed all 4 of the positive tests on the counter in our bathroom and when he got home, I told him the light in the bathroom went out so he needs to go take a look right away.

He did as I asked but of course he didn’t see the sticks, lol. So much for my half baked plan. After a second or two of him being a bit confused as to this mystery light, I told him to look on the counter. There was a few seconds of silence and then he walked out saying “no way”, “are you serious?”. I told him that I was dead serious, and he smiled hugged me while he continued to ask if I was sure, lol.

The next day, he confided in me that he was so shocked and confused when he saw the 4 positive pregnancy sticks the first thought in his mind was “are there 4 babies?”.

How has the pregnancy been so far?

I am truly lucky that much of the common symptoms have passed me over and generally I can say that the pregnancy has been smooth. The first trimester I was so hungry, like Hungry Hungry Hippos level appetite. And I was so exhausted, struggling to stay awake at work and knocking right out after dinner when I got home.

When people ask about my cravings, it’s really hard to say if I have them because I always have cravings, it’s a part of who I am. But I will say, the sweet tooth that I had has been taken over by a baby who isn’t as into the sweets as I am. When I eat too much dessert, it makes me a bit queasy. Other than that, the only other time I get a bit nauseous is when I need to eat.

As I am early in my 2nd trimester, I have been experiencing hip and lower back pains and I am finally starting to show a little bit.

18 week baby bump in Maui, Hawaii

I am truly excited to take you all on this journey with me. As this is getting posted, my husband and I will be in Hawaii for our baby moon and I will be sharing that experience with you as well.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions for me or if you have some first time pregnancy advice to share.

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