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Get Your Vitamin Sea at the Lake

Get Your Vitamin Sea at the Lake

With accounts of flesh eating bacteria, sand fleas and worst of all…The Meg terrorizing the oceans, beaches have become unsafe.

Ok, clearly I’m exaggerating, but after 2 separate trips to the lake this summer, one in New York and the other in Michigan, this die hard Miami girl has been convinced that a trip to the lake can replace and in some cases even top a trip to the beach. I know it sounds crazy, but just stay with me on this one…

All Bodies Welcome

When was the last time you heard someone say that they are hitting the gym hard to get the perfect “Lake Body”? Never. That’s when. You don’t need an ultra-fit beach body to feel comfortable at a lake house, there are so many activities that you can get into that isn’t limited to parading around in a swimsuit so the lake will love whatever body you bring it.

No swimsuit needed to enjoy a lake trip!

Family and Friends Welcome

A trip to the lake house is a great option for people who live far away from the coasts. It’s also great staycation option for those with little time but it can also be stretched into a longer getaway. There is nothing like grabbing a group of friends or family packing in a car and heading out of the city. Away from all the cares of the world to a place where cell phone service is usually spotty, so you’re forced to disconnect in order to reconnect with the loved ones you’ve chosen to spend time with.

Riding in a pontoon with girlfriends around Lake Idlewild

Remember the good ole days when we would talk, joke and catch up with each others lives? Spend some quality time out on a lake and get the latest on what crazy Ms. So-and-So from the old neighborhood is up to these days.

And you don’t need to have a special hook up or know someone who owns a lake home, when Airbnb, Homeaway and other sites like these have so many options and when you split the cost between your buddies it’s much more affordable than you may think.

All Seasons Welcome

And any time of year is the perfect time for a lake house trip. In the summer you can fire up the grill, have a picnic by the lake then take a canoe out for a few laps and when it gets too hot you can go for a dip to cool off.

Ooh but in the fall and winter, there’s nothing like getting the fireplace going, roasting marshmallows, sipping on hot cocoa and recreating the Boyz II Men music video, Let It Snow.

Boarding the pontoon for a relaxing ride around Lake Idlewild

So many water sport options to choose from

Think You Might Get Bored – Just Wait

Lake homes can be surrounded by the cutest little towns, with delicious food and ice-cream! Small towns love their ice-cream and it’s typically homemade which is delicious. So take the car out and enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore. When in doubt, ask a local, they are usually excited to share with you all their town has to offer.

Country roads take me home… Riding through Summit, NY

Breath taking scenery in Summit, NY when we left the house to explore the town

Found an apple farm on the drive back from Idlewild and made some animal friends

Heading into family owned Jones Homemade Ice cream, minutes outside of Idlewild, Michigan. I ordered a bourbon pecan sundae with hot caramel it was delicious!

We’ve Been Doing this for a While

While lakehouse vacations are new to me, I learned that this is something folks of color have been doing for a very long time. I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Idlewild, Michigan which is a historic lake vacation and retirement community founded by black families in the early 1900’s. They weren’t allowed at the mainstream resorts even though they could afford it, so they took matters in their own hands and created a sanctuary for themselves. It was even nicknamed Black Eden.

By the way, the movie Idlewild that starred Outkast, completely got it wrong but nevertheless it remains a beautifully serene and scenic place and I was privileged to experience a piece of history first hand.

Food and Drinks, Music and Dancing at this local hangout in Idlewild

So guys, I’m no longer stressing about heading to the beach each year because a lake will do for me just fine.

Questions: Are you willing to try a lake house vacation? And if you’ve been before, what places do you recommend?

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