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Celebrating Black Love

Celebrating Black Love

The media doesn’t have the monopoly on what black love looks like. It didn’t die with The Cosby Show and it doesn’t end at Black-ish. Black love exists all around us.

Instead of hoping, wishing and waiting to see more representation, I am celebrating the black love that I have the pleasure to have in my circle. These are couples who have an inspirational, yet attainable type of relationship that the world deserves to see.

The two couples featured today have been gracious enough to share the thoughts, insight and advice with us.

Gary & Donna

Black Love Spotlight Couple Gary and Donna Wallace

Gary and Donna Wallace enjoying and meal and a laugh together

This fun loving couple has been married for 28 years and have two twenty-something young men. Both originally from Jamaica, they now reside in South Florida where Gary leads technology strategy for a global corporation and also serves as a Pastor. Donna is a Clinical Pharmacist and Entrepreneur who founded Advocate Pharmacy Consultants an advocacy agency that helps demystify patient treatment and medications options, to provide personalized support to improve the lives of their clients. You can find her at and @apcrxus on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch what they had to share.


Cameron & Sheena

Black love Spotlight couple Cameron and SheenaCameron and Sheena enjoying quality time together
This young couple have been married for five years and just recently announced that they are expecting a little one this Summer. They both are talented creatives, Cameron is a videographer, director and owner of CamG Productions as well as a youth coordinator by day. Sheena is a fine artist, photographer and a executive assistant by day.

Watch what they had to share.

I look forward to highlighting more couples all year long because Black Love is 365.

With Love,

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