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7 Newborn Baby Must-Haves to Stock Up On …And Items I Don’t Regret Buying

7 Newborn Baby Must-Haves to Stock Up On …And Items I Don’t Regret Buying

Since I am now a veteran mom… ok, clearly I’m joking. But, I cannot believe that I am now mom to a 5 month old. When did that happen?!

It also wasn’t long ago that I was scrambling to put together my baby shower registry, not knowing what I really needed. So what I ended up doing, was copying and pasting the registry of a dear friend of mine who had her boy several months before me.

Help is definitely out there in the internets, I read many articles and blogs with sometimes conflicting information about what you need for the first 3 months of baby’s life. But I never came across any articles that emphasized that there are some items that you need to have in abundance – aside from the obvious diapers and wipes.

So here is my list of 7 must-have newborn items that every mom needs to stock up on and the items I don’t regret purchasing.

1. Washcloths

Baby won’t need to be bathed everyday, BUT you may find that you want to give baby a sponge bath or a quick “butt-only refresher” after a blow out. So, it you don’t want to have to do laundry everyday – which you absolutely won’t have time to do, get a pack of at least 10 washcloths in your supply.

Baby Washcloth Set from Target

2. Burp Cloths

So much spit up!! My son can completely soak his burp cloth in the matter of seconds. A stockpile of burp cloths also comes in handy during the teething stages when the drool massively increases.

My son is an early teether (at 4 months his bottom teeth started coming in) and the amount of drool this boy will produce is ridiculous. So be sure to have at least 10 burp cloths on hand.

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloth Set from Target

3. Onesies

Specifically the short sleeve onesies to serve as an undershirt. These are great for an added layer of warmth for the colder months and also an added layer of protection. The protection is for you. Because when the blowouts happen (and they will!), you’ll be glad that the onesie caught it and didn’t transfer onto your clothes. Take it from me who had to learn her lesson more than once and have some extra onesies on hand.


Boy’s Onesies/Bodysuits

Now, on to the items that I found conflicting opinions on in all the articles and blogs. Some moms would say you don’t need these items and others would say that you do. Confusing right? Thankfully, I purchased and or registered for these items anyways and I would be lost if I didn’t have them.

Be sure to add these items to your registry and you’ll thank me later.

4. Diaper Pail

I can’t tell you how many folks said this was worthless and that they just throw the soiled diapers into their trash. But guys, it does work. Take the advice from someone who lived in a tiny 1 bedroom New York City apartment for the entire 3 months of my son’s life.


We’ve never had an issue with odors, it’s easy to use, durable and holds a lot of soiled diapers before needing to be changed.


This is the brand that we have.

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

We chose this one because it got great reviews and you don’t have to purchase a specific bag or insert. You can use whatever trash bags that you would normally use for the kitchen trash. The 13 gallon size seems to fit best.

5. Baby Wipe Warmer

Another product that many of the blog moms said was unnecessary. But it was actually my mom who encourage me to get it. And I am so glad that I listened to her wisdom.


Can you imagine being a newborn, fresh out of the warm comfort of the womb and then some lady constantly strips you naked, has your butt in the air and slaps a cold wet cloth on you?! Ugh, terrible, don’t do this to your little one.


I even recommend it for those who live in warmer climates. Somehow even when temperature is warm, the wipes stay very chilly.


This is the one that we have, if you’re curious. There’s nothing special about it, I believe any other model will work just fine. Just go ahead and add it to your list.

Munchkin Wipe Warmer

6. Sound machine

This one seemed like a luxury item at first, but it was very helpful in the first 3 months to soothe our little guy to sleep and help him to stay asleep.

It even worked on us. My husband and I would also start drifting off to sleep whenever we turned on the ocean sounds.

This is the one that we have. It has a number of settings, sounds, lights, and a timer. And we are very happy with it.

Project Nursery Smart Sound Soother

7. Baby Detergent

I confess to you that my frugality won over when I listened to the blog moms who said that a regular dye-free detergent (like All Free and Clear) would be fine to wash your baby’s clothes. So I thought great, I only need to buy one detergent for the whole family to use.

But please, if there is only one thing that you get from the list, let it be this one. You don’t know how sensitive your kiddos skin will be and it’s best to err on the side of caution.

My son has aggressive eczema to the point that he scratches his legs and scalp, breaking the skin and drawing blood. All the oils and special soaps didn’t help until my mom insisted we try switching to detergent made specifically for babies.

Dreft Newborn Liquid Detergent

We purchased Dreft, but I’m sure Ivory Snow or another brand will suffice as well. And we are finally beginning to turning the corner. He is more comfortable in his own skin, literally speaking.


Send yourself or the new mom in your life a bottle of Dreft, baby will thank you.

Question: So what did I miss? Let us know which products you feel every mom should stock up on.

With Love,

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