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5 Pregnancy to Postpartum Clothing Essentials

5 Pregnancy to Postpartum Clothing Essentials

The thought of purchasing maternity clothes pains me.


You mean to tell me that I have to buy clothes that will only be worn for a very short time??! That’s completely against my religion, I’m pretty sure Jesus spoke about that in one of His sermons 😛


So when I became pregnant I held on – a little too long, to my pre-pregnancy clothes. But inevitably, I needed to purchase things to accommodate my changing body and I wanted to find items that could grow with me through pregnancy and even after delivery.


Good thing I was successful in finding some items that fit that criteria. So if you’re like me and want to be wise about your pregnancy purchases, keep reading for my top 5 pregnancy to postpartum clothing essentials. I’ve included links for every item listed.

Naturalizer Sneakers


I wrote a whole IG post about these shoes because I love them so much. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn – period. When I was pregnant I wore them every single day, to work and even going out, with dresses and with pants. They’re so versatile and they come in many colors and designs to match your personal style.


Plus, when my feet swelled up two shoe sizes, I didn’t have to resort to wearing flip flops to work because they go up to XX wide.


Maternity Bra

When I could no longer squeeze into my old bras, I purchased these from Amazon.


And when I did, ahhhh, instant relief and they are comfortable enough even to sleep in. The cup inserts are removable if you find you still need a bit more room but they are great, post pregnancy to catch any leaking.


I am wearing them right now as I write and I am able to quickly snap them on and off to nurse my baby. Don’t tell my husband, but I may continue to wear these until they turn into dust.


Baby Bump-Con Dresses

The stretch of these dresses were able to grow up and down with me while keeping me looking cute. They hug the bump and the curves in all the right places and can be dressed up or down.


This simple dress can transform into many different looks. Add a scarf, blazer, tights or statement necklace and you could possibly get away with wearing the same dress every day – no judgement here :0)


Gap Maternity Leggings


Maternity leggings that can be worn past pregnancy? Oh yes! Now, I hope that I am not the first to break this to you, but you might not shrink back down to your pre-pregnancy size right away. And, for me since having a C-section, the skin around the scar is very sensitive to the touch and any material rubbing against it is irritating so I prefer to keep it covered with these over the bump leggings.


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality relative to the price which is quite affordable compared to other higher end brands on the market. You may even catch them during one of Gap’s many sales. The material is thick, which kept them from tearing or pilling, but they were also thin enough to wear under dresses for an added layer of warmth. I will be continuing to wear these throughout the winter season.

Maternity Underwear


Ok now, I didn’t promise that this list would be sexy. This underwear can certainly be found in the Granny Panty section but before you roll your eyes and click out, let me prove my case.


As my bump grew, my pre-pregnancy underwear would start to roll down and pinch my belly. It became painful and even more so when I would sit down. So having underwear that comfortably went over my bump was my best option. They don’t roll down or pinch. And now that I’m no longer pregnant they provide a nice layer of protection over the sensitive skin around my C-section scar.

So these are my faves, do you have any items that you stuck with after pregnancy?

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