Raising my confidence level this year

9 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Confidence Level Now

If you have big dreams for yourself this year, then this post is for you. I am sharing with you the 9 powerful ways that I am building up my level of confidence, right now. And you can do the same too.

Ultimate List of Black Owned Beauty and Personal Care at the Drugstore

There are over 60 black owned makeup, skincare, personal care and haircare brands available in store and online at your favorite drugstore. Not too long ago you had to really search and go out of your way to buy black. But things have finally changed and patronizing black owned brands can be done at the same time you pick up your prescription or get you to the $35 dollar threshold for free shipping at Target.

How to reconnect to yourself

How to reconnect to yourself when you feel lost | Empowering Moms

Here are 6 ways to reconnect to yourself if you’re feeling lost.

close up picture of Casie applying foundation

How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade Match Right From Home

Why is finding your perfect foundation match so complicated? And now with increased safety protocols and attention to hygiene, long gone are the days of dipping your fingers in the foundation testers at your local Sephora or Ulta.
If you need a new foundation or want to try out a new formula, I’ve found a fool proof way to find your perfect shade without leaving home.