Love Letters to a Black Girl

Love Letters to A Black Girl

Seeing black women radically love themselves inspires me to do the same. When they are living out loud and in their own authenticity, I am encouraged. These 3 women have done just that for me. Read on for their stories of self love and confidence.

beauty affirmations during the skincare routine

10 Powerful Affirmations for the Best Skin of Your Life

What if I told you that in addition to a solid skincare routine, you could have the best skin of your life, just by incorporating a regular routine of beauty affirmations?
This is more than simple positive thinking, studies have also shown that our words have the power to transform our minds, our lives and even our skin.

7 Things Every New Mom Needs To Hear

A simple word of encouragement can change the direction of a struggling mom’s day. You may not know exactly what to say to her but, the new mom in your life needs to hear from you. So, here are some words, shared to me by real moms, that you can say to give her exactly what she needs to hear.

My 2nd big chop

How To Rock Your Natural Hair With Unshakeable Confidence

It truly is a defiant act of self love and confidence to wear your natural hair. Because historically, there has been a lack of love and appreciation for it. But don’t be ashamed or think that you are alone in feeling nervous about rocking your natural hair. I’ve been there too! So, I am sharing the tips that have helped me rock my natural hair with unshakeable confidence.