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What’s Your Perfect Foundation? Take This Quiz To Find Out

What’s Your Perfect Foundation? Take This Quiz To Find Out

finding the perfect foundation

Walking down the makeup aisles will have your head spinning with all the foundation options available. And that doesn’t even take into account the options online. But how do you narrow it down? This foundation quiz asks the questions to guide you to the perfect foundation for you.

Ready to get started? Click the button below.

But if you need a little help to answer that questions in this quiz, just keep on reading.

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7 Questions to find your perfect foundation

Question 1: How would you describe your skin type?

Your skin type is mostly based on the amount of oil that your skin produces. And it is categorized into 4 main categories: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination. It also takes into account how reactive your skin is to various triggers. This is the 5th category – Sensitive.

How do you determine your skin type?

There are 2 main ways to determine your skin type right from home, the Watch and Wait Method and the Blotting Sheet Method.

With the Watch and Wait Method, you wash your face with a gentle cleanser then pat it dry. Wait 30 minutes without applying any serums or moisturizers, then assess your skin:

  • If your skin looks and feels oily then you likely have oily skin
  • If your skin feels tight and dry then you likely have dry skin
  • If there is shine only in your T-zone then you may have combination skin
  • If your skin feels comfortable and balanced then you likely have normal skin

The second method is the Blotting Sheet Method. It starts off similar to the previous method. After you wash your face, pat it dry and then wait for 30 minutes. Then take a blotting sheet and press it onto various areas of your skin.

The amount of oil that the sheet picks up will help you determine your skin type. The more oil that the sheet picks up indicates where your skin is on the spectrum from Dry to Oily.

Note that any of these skin types can also be sensitive.

Sensitive skin can present with red patches, bumps, rough, dry, flaky or inflamed patches when it is exposed to a trigger.

For example, I have dry and sensitive skin. So my skin typically feels dry and tight after cleansing and it requires a thicker moisturizer to help hydrate and moisturize my skin.

But, if I use a product that my skin does not agree with, my skin will turn red, inflamed and sensitive to the touch. So I have to be so careful about the new products that I introduce into my skin care routine.

Question 2: How would you describe your skin tone?

Foundation options that cater to all the various skin tones and shades have come such a long way from when I was a girl. But there are some brands that have a better gradient to cater to the lightest and deepest parts of the spectrum.

So understanding where you fall will further narrow down your options.

Loving the skin I'm in with my perfect foundation on

Question 3: What is your undertone?

Your skin’s undertone is the subtle color just below the surface of your skin. This subtle flush of color means the most when you are trying to narrow down your exact foundation shade. But some brands cater to a wider variety of undertones than others and knowing your undertone can help you zero in on what options will suit your best.

How do you determine your skin’s undertone?

There are 4 main undertones Warm, Cool, Neutral and Olive. Figuring out your undertone can be tricky, but here’s the easy method, the vein test.

Take a look at the veins in your forearms. If they have a green hue then you likely have a warm undertone. If your veins have a blue hue to them then you’re likely a cool undertone.

And if your veins look blueish-green then you might have a neutral undertone.

To determine an olive undertone, you will notice a green or grey tinge to your skin. Your forearm veins do not show distinctly blue or green. And you look best in jewel or muted tones, but not pastels.

Ami Cole Skin Enhancing Tint Cruelty Free Tinted Moisturizer one of my favorite foundations
One of my favorite foundations from Ami Cole

Question 4:  What are your skin concerns?

Skin concerns are typically issues that you’d wish to cover with makeup. Things like, hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

A foundation formula that is matte may not be the best formula for skin that is dry or has fine lines, since a matte formulas tend to accentuate these skin issues instead of of cover them.

Acne prone skin can sometimes be triggered by various ingredients. So using a foundation formula that caters to that will be important to make sure you’re not aggravating your skin to cause more breakouts.

Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to cover and may require a foundation formula that has a fuller coverage.

Question 5: How much coverage do you need?

And speaking of foundation coverage, here are the 3 main types: Light/Sheer, Medium, and Full. And it indicates how thick or thin the formula is and how much of your skin shines through after you apply it.

Question 6: What type of finish do you want?

After you apply the foundation, how do you want your skin to look? Do you want your skin to look dewy or glowy? Would you prefer a satin or skin-like finish or do you want a matte finish to keep the shine and glow away?

There is a foundation formula suited to each of these 3 finishes and choosing the right formula will help you achieve the results you desire.

trying on a foundation in the mirror

Question 7: What is your budget?

Are you a drugstore girlie or is a luxury brand what you crave? There is a brand and formula that matches all of your criteria and fits in your budget. You do not need to sacrifice price or performance.

Now that you’re clear on what your skin needs and what you want your skin to look and feel like with your foundation. It’s time to take the quiz to get matched to the foundation brand perfect for you.

Go ahead, click the button below to get your results.

Ok, so now you’ve narrowed down the brand, it’s time to find your correct shade. I wrote an entire blog post on how to find your perfect foundation shade right from home.

But below is a quick guide to find your foundation match online.

How do I find my foundation shade online?

Tell me why Sephora the makeup mecca is one of the worst place to find your foundation shade? The lighting is terrible and when you think you’ve got the right shade, you go home and it looks all wrong.

But technology is here to help! There are two brand websites that I absolutely love to use for matching your foundation using their virtual try-ons.

What is a virtual try-on?

A virtual try-on helps you match to the right shade without even having to touch a product. When you go to the virtual try-on website, you can either upload a picture of yourself or use your computer or your cell phone camera live. The program analyzes your skin tone and matches you to the perfect shade that the brand has in their range.

PRO TIP for virtual try-ons: make sure that your face or picture is well lit. Even better if you are facing a window.

Here are my two favorite brand sites to choose your foundation shade online.

NARS Cosmetics Virtual Try-On

NARS virtual try-on foundation matching
Testing out the NARS virtual try on to find my perfect foundation shade within the NARS lineup


The Lip Bar Virtual Shade Finder

The Lip Bar Virtual foundation matching
Testing out The Lip Bar’s virtual shade finder. It is so easy to use and super fast! Use my code: CASIE10 to save when you purchase from their site.

How do you know if your foundation is right for you?

I always advise my clients once they’ve been matched online to test out the foundation and double check that the shade match is on point.

Most of us have more than one shade to our skin, but to pick the shade that will look the best, test your foundation near your jawline.

Take a swipe of it apply it to your jaw and assess whether the shade blends nicely with the skin on your neck. That shade will give you the best color to match your face overall.

Click on the image below to check out this short video that demonstrates how to find your correct foundation shade.

Watch this video to find your perfect foundation shade

You have just been chugging along haven’t you?! I love that for you and I love your enthusiasm. If you’ve made it this far then you must be ready for the next step. You’ve narrowed down your foundation formula, found your shade and now it’s time to learn your own signature makeup look to go with it. 

So let’s talk about it!

Balm Confidence provides private makeup lessons that teach woman how to apply their own makeup by teaching them their own signature look. We work 1:1 at your pace to build a look that fits your life and style. No crazy trends or forcing you to look like someone you’re not, we focus on your unique feautures and what makes you look and feel beautiful.

Schedule a FREE discovery call to learn more about how Balm Confidence can help you finally master your own makeup.

Did you enjoy this post? Did you find it helpful? Then please share it with someone who you’d think would love it too.

With Love & Confidence,

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