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How To Find Your Signature Makeup Look – 6 Expert Tips

How To Find Your Signature Makeup Look – 6 Expert Tips

Casie Dionne wearing her on camera signature makeup looks

You don’t have to be a global superstar to learn how to find your signature makeup look. And if you can’t book private makeup lessons or hire a makeup artist everyday, these six tips will show you how to find the makeup look that works best for you, no matter if you are influencer, a stay-at-home mom, CEO or all three.

What is a signature makeup look?

A signature makeup look is the signature that you wear on your face. It sets you apart. It combines colors, shades and techniques that when you put it on, makes you unique.

The other piece to a signature makeup look is that, like your signature, you can basically do it with your eyes closed.

Of course I’m not being literal, but you have memorized the steps and it is a part of your regular routine that you’ve perfected.

Why should you have a signature makeup look?

There are many reasons why every single woman should have a signature makeup look, but I will give you my top two.

colorful graphic eye for a signature makeup look

Reason #1: It unlocks a next level of confidence that helps you show up in your life, your work, relationships and most importantly for yourself in a whole new way.

Don’t underestimate the power of looking good. When you look good, you feel good and then you show up good and the results you get from that will be More Than Good.

Reason #2: It saves time

No matter how packed or empty your schedule. We could all benefit from more time (even if it’s just to spend more time scrolling on Instagram).

So, now that you’re on board, let’s get talk about how to find your signature makeup look.

6 tips to find your signature makeup look

Casie Dionne wearing a graphic eye signature makeup look

1. First ask yourself 3 questions

#1: What is this look for?

Will this be your everyday look? Your work look? Or will this be the makeup you wear for formal events?

Your signature makeup look should fit the occasion and knowing this will help you your narrow down what types of makeup and techniques you should explore for your own signature look.

#2: How much time do you have?

This question is often overlooked and underestimated. There is no sense in creating a makeup look that takes 3 hours to complete when you only have 20 minutes to recreate it.

Now, the more you practice your signature makeup look, that faster you will get but, shaving down an hour and 40 minutes to fit within a 20 minute window is a bit unrealistic. Don’t you think?

The complexity of your signature makeup look needs to fit within the time you have allotted to get ready.

#3: How do you want to feel in your signature makeup look?

More important that the products or techniques that you use, is how want to you feel in your look. Do you need a look that says “I’m the boss”? Do you want to feel sexy? Or do you want to be taken seriously as an expert in your field?

Keeping the feeling that you want to elicit in mind will point you in the right direction when nailing down your signature makeup look.

2. Foundation and Eyebrows

A signature makeup look needs a solid base (foundation) and frame (eyebrows).

If you have oily skin or if you need your makeup look to last for many hours, makeup primer will be the first product in your routine.

If you have dark circles or hyperpigmentation that is not easily covered with foundation alone, concealer is the next item on your list.


Finding the perfect foundation is so important to pulling your signature makeup look together seamlessly. Start by deciding what type of coverage (sheer, tinted moisturizer, full coverage, etc) you’d like to narrow down your options and make it less complicated to choose one.

Your foundation should match the occasion where you’ll be wearing your signature makeup look.

If you will be attending formal events, you may opt for full coverage or matte formula. If this will be your everyday mom-on-the-go look, then you may like a tinted moisturizer or serum foundation to give you a light wash of color.

My favorite foundation right now from the The Lip Bar 3-in-1 Tinted Skin Conditioner
My favorite foundation right now from the The Lip Bar 3-in-1 Tinted Skin Conditioner

Once you’ve found the right base, then it’s on to brows. Your eyebrows frame your face and are an essential step to creating a solid signature makeup look.


God bless you if you have naturally thick and arched brows. You can slick your brows with your fingers and move on to step 3.

But, if you’re like many of us, then your brows need some focused attention because your eyebrows frame your entire face and a bad brow can wreck your entire look.

Get yourself a good eyebrow pencil – made specifically for eyebrows. Sis, PLEASE put that eyeliner down! It is not formulated to give you natural looking eyebrows, it’s just not, and you deserve better.

My favorite brow pencil for the past 6 plus years is Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brow. I use the shade 4.5. This pencil is creamy enough where I can easily fill in the sparse areas of my brows without having to press too hard and scratch my skin. And it lasts, I don’t worry whether my eyebrows will melt off at the end of the day.

I’ve recommended this pencil over and over and now I’m recommending it to you.

3. Pick one feature to focus one

What feature on your face do you love the most? Is it your cheekbones, eyes, or is it your juicy lips? That will be the key feature that you should highlight in your signature makeup look.

If it’s your cheekbones, contouring or a nice cream highlighter will make it pop even more.

A smokey eye, graphic liner or a classic cat eye will make your gorgeous eyes stand out.

And if it’s your lips, set it off with a red lip or a ultra shiny lip gloss.

When you pick your favorite feature first, you can easily build the rest of your signature makeup look around it.

My signature makeup look that includes a bold fuchsia lip

4. Choosing the right colors for you

Do warm tones or cool tones suit you best? One way to figure it out is to ask yourself whether gold or silver jewelry look best on you.

If you’re a golden girl, get into the warm browns, oranges and bronze shades

If you’re silver queen get into the blues, purple and greens.

If both gold and silver work for you, then remember these rules:

  • Purple looks good on everyone and
  • A blue based-red lipstick looks good on everyone too
Casie Dionne wearing her on camera signature makeup looks
My signature makeup look always includes a bold lip

5. Get scrolling and get inspired

Head over to Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. Save the looks that you’re drawn to. Make note of what it is that you like, is it the colors that are used, the style, the overall vibe.

6. Get started

The most important rule when it comes to how to find your signature makeup look, is to just have fun with it.

It can be a messy process, but don’t let that discourage you. Don’t expect for it to be perfect the first time and know that it will change as you evolve as a person.

The easiest and fastest way to find your signature makeup look is to enlist an expert. I offer 1:1 private makeup classes to help you not only find your signature makeup look but learn how to perfectly apply it. Click the link to book a private makeup lesson and finally master your makeup.

Did you find this helpful? Share with a friend who you think may find it helpful too.

With Love and Confidence,

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