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DIY Holiday Hair Accessories

DIY Holiday Hair Accessories

Holiday Hair Accessory DIY

I love a great DIY and I love a beautifully elaborate hairstyle. And nothing gets me more excited than when I find one to recreate.

But the truth is, as crafty as I think I am, they never turn out that great. And ain’t no way I’m going to be able to sit down for 2+ hours crafting my coils into a fancy hairstyle any time soon.

If this sounds like you too, I am sharing a simple DIY to add some oomph to your hairstyle with accessories. These are perfect for your Zoom-mas or Socially Distanced Holiday Party.


STEP 1: Raid Your Jewelry Box

Diamond Costume Jewelry for our DIY
Diamond Costume Jewelry for our DIY


Diamond Costume Jewelry for our DIY
Diamond Costume Jewelry Drop Earrings for our DIY

Many of us have a collection of real and costume jewelry that we haven’t worn in ages. This is the time to dust them off and repurpose them as beautiful ornaments for your hair.

If you have a mom or aunt nearby to borrow from, you hit the jackpot, they always have the best pieces.

I dug through my stash of jewelry and found the sparkly-est pieces I have.

Note: it’s best to stick to costume jewelry since some stones can be damaged by coming into contact with the oils in your hair.


Step 2: Style Your Hair as Desired.

Flat twist out
I started with a flat twist out, parted down the middle

Or not at all.

Your new hair accessory is going to do all the talking, so no need to style your hair into anything elaborate. However you wear your hair normally will do. I started with a flat twist out.


Step 3: Place The Jewelry and Use Bobby Pins to Secure It

Jewelry Hair Accessory DIY Jewelry Hair Accessory DIY

And you’re all set!

Here are the looks I created

Holiday Hair Accessory DIY

Holiday Hair Accessory DIY Holiday Hair Accessory DIY


Have fun and be creative, there are so many ways you can remix your look using this method. 

With Love,

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