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3 Beauty Trends That Died in 2022

3 Beauty Trends That Died in 2022

Blog cover image 3 beauty trends that died in 2022

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to accept and embrace what works for you and leave behind what doesn’t. And this is true for many aspects of life, especially when it comes to all things beauty, makeup and hair.

So, I’m saying See ya, Adios, Peace out and Buh bye to these 3 dead beauty trends – plus one.

Dead Beauty Trend #1: Wing Eyeliner

picture of me wearing a wing eyeliner in dubai
Rocking my wing eyeliner in Dubai in 2018

This was actually part of my signature look back in 2018. I wore it all the time and it looked great, if I say so myself. But, I put on that bad boy a few times this year and it just doesn’t look good on me anymore. I think my eye shape has changed a bit or, maybe my skills are rusty but it’s a no for me.

Goodbye wing eyeliner.

Dead Beauty Trend #2: Greasing My Scalp

Image credit: LaToya Jones

Listen do not believe the hype. There is no magic oil that will grow your hair long. I’m looking at you wild growth hair oil. And I have finally accepted it and I want you to save yourself the heartbreak too.

Oil is not going to trump genetics and good hair care. In fact, every time I put oil on my scalp, it makes it scalp dry and itchy.

So, sayonara hair grease.

Dead Beauty Trend #3: Matte Lipstick

Dry matte lipstick
I hate how matte lipstick leaves your lips dry

If the lippie ain’t moisturizing, soft, juicy or glossy, it ain’t for me. Nuff said.

Matte lipstick can kick rocks.


Dead Beauty Trend #4: Unblended Lip Liner

The tragedy of this unblended lip liner. Ruined the whole look in my opinion.

I could’ve sworn we all agreed to leave this behind in the 90’s. But no, someone decided that we need to bring back the dark lip liner and gloss. SMH.

I unintentionally wore this trend a couple times and hey, at least I can say that I gave it another try before I officially bury it – again.

Leave me alone unblended lip liner.

So, I’m not just going to leave you here with a bunch of negatives. I have a few things that I am taking with me in the new year.

These are trends that I’ve experimented with throughout the year, mostly on my weekly Instagram lives and have become newfound loves.

3 Beauty Trends I’m Ringing the New Year With

Beauty Trend #1: Neutral Makeup Looks

I’m finally on team neutral. You’ll see so much more of this from me in the new year.

Over on my Instagram stories, I had you vote on my makeup look for the week. I gave options for the eyeshadow, lipstick, shades, style etc. And whatever the results were is the look that I would create that week on IG Live.

And consistently the vote swung towards simple, wearable, neutral looks. Now, I’ve always been a lover of color, but the people have spoken and I hear you loud and clear. Plus, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed creating looks with these earthy, brown and gold tones.

You’ll be seeing so much more from me as I explore more natural makeup looks in 2023.

Beauty Trend #2: Twist Outs and Braid Outs

I have been loving my braid outs and twist outs.

I thought I was team wash and go for life, but as my big chop has grown out this year, the wash and go just doesn’t look that great on me some times. So, I’ve leaned heavily into twist outs and braid outs for help.

They’ve both been such a great option as my hair makes it way growing through the awkward stage.

Beauty Trend #3: Mixing Lipstick Shades

Custom lip color mixed by me

Making custom lipstick shades by mixing colors was something I saw my mom do growing up. You know, I don’t think she ever wore just one lipstick. But it really wasn’t until this year that I explored experimenting and creating new lipstick shades myself.

And it’s a fantastic way to double or triple your lipstick collection and rediscover lipsticks that don’t work so well on their own.

So now it’s your turn. Which trends are you leaving behind and which ones are your bringing into the new year?

Tell me in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them.

With Love & Confidence,

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  • I’m letting go of under eye concealer. I’ve tried different brands and techniques and just cannot get the hand of it so Buh Bye to that.
    In 2023 I’d like to get better brushes for makeup application. It looks like colored mascara is coming back so I need to get blue and purple back into my makeup bag.

    • I’m all for letting go of techniques and products that cause more frustration than they’re worth. Good for you sis!

      Oh and a great affordable brand for makeup brushes is Real Techniques. You can find them everywhere even Target. I use them on a daily basis and I highly recommend them.

      Ah colored mascara, so fun and a great way to tip toe into color.

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