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5 Makeup Trends To Try This Spring

5 Makeup Trends To Try This Spring

Spring Makeup Trend
This year’s Spring Makeup trends have me so excited because they are all about the eyes! Which makes complete sense. We should all still be wearing our masks in public and with that everything from the nose down is covered, so our eyes have the focus.
Attention! To all my big eyed friends… This Is Our Time To Shine!
So I have recreated 5 of my favorite Spring makeup trends to inspire you (whether you have big eyes or not) to give them a try.

Graphic Purple Eyeliner

Spring Makeup Trend - Bold purple graphic eyelinerSpring Makeup Trend - Bold purple graphic eyeliner

Purple is a universally flattering color. It also happens to be my favorite color since I was a child and that is what drew me to this first Spring trend. I used a purple eye liner to create the outline, then using a small detail brush I filled in the base with Mac Cosmetics’ Purple Paint like this one. To make it pop even more I topped it with Juvia’s Place Masquerade eyeshadow palette using the shimmery purple shade Makeda. Finally I lined my upper eyelid with black liquid liner and extended it to a wing for a extra special touch.

Bold Blush

Spring Makeup Trend 2 - Bold BlushSpring Makeup Trend 2 - Bold Blush

For this look, I didn’t use blush at all. I took s brightest pink eyeshadow like the pink shade from my Juvia’s Place Zulu eyeshadow palette and swept on in a C-shaped motion around my cheeks, to my temples to just above my eyebrow. You can easily just pair this look with mascara and a simple gloss or take it up a notch and extend the drama to the lids like I did.

Monochromatic Eyes

Spring Makeup Trend 3 Monochromatic EyesSpring Makeup Trend 3 Monochromatic Eyes

This look is so fun, I love an unexpected pop of color. For my base, I used a bright pink matte lipstick,  a tip I learned from the amazing Mika from As Told By Mika. Also, this is a great way to get some use out of a lip color that doesn’t work so well on your lips. Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Unlocked is a great choice to use as a base (but it also is really amazing on the lips too). After laying down the base, I topped it with shade Iri Jiri from Juvia’s Place Festival palette.

Pro Tip: use a separate brush to gently pat the lipstick on to your eyelid. Do not use the wand that the lipstick comes with, like I did because it could stain your eyelids which is exactly what happened to me.

Neutral Eyeliner

Spring Makeup Trend Neutral EyelinerSpring Makeup Trend Neutral Eyeliner

This is a super simple look to recreate, but also bold enough to make you do a double take. I used beige liner to line my eye and wing it out and then set the liner with a shimmery ivory eyeshadow.

Blue Lashes

Spring Makeup Trend 5 Blue Lashes

I love when colored mascara comes back on trend. It’s so fun and I’m not really sure why we don’t wear it year round. To recreate this look, sweep a shimmery light blue shadow all over your lid just about to your eyebrow and then line your top and lower lashes with a royal blue liner and then top it with a complementary shimmery blue shadow to set the liner and make it pop.

Then go in with multiple coats of blue mascara. I used this one from L’Oreal. For lips, the skies the limit. I paired it with a bold sparkly coral lippie but you could also keep it simple with a clear or neutral gloss to keep the focus on the lips.



Which of these looks will you recreate?


With Love,

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