I'm Casie,
And I help women love themselves enough to walk in confidence in every area of their lives. Here you'll find makeup and natural hair inspiration along with empowering conversations on motherhood, to help you become the woman of your dreams.
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Beauty on the Inside & Out

Makeup, skincare, health and wellness to inspire your glow up.

It’s not just what you put on your face, beauty on the inside and out.

Type 4c Hair Love

Kinky, Coily and Curly natural hair textures are celebrated with recommendations, reviews, and tips to help you love your type 4 hair.

Walk In Confidence

How to release negative thoughts,  limiting beliefs and insecurities

and show up as the confident women you are meant to be. 

Empowering Moms

Honest conversations, support and encouragement, empowering new moms, moms-to-be and working moms at every stage of pregnancy and motherhood.

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About Me

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I’m a girl from Miami, born from two Jamaican parents. Now, I’m based in Harlem, New York City and I’m a full time wife, mom, blogger, creator and entrepreneur.

It was through my heart for encouraging others and the desire to find my voice that I started this blog in 2017. I know just how transformative sharing personal stories and testimonies can be and I’m committed to doing just that.

On this platform you can expect honest conversations on motherhood and loads of beauty and natural hair inspiration to help you own all of what makes you beautiful to release self-doubt and become the confident woman of your dreams.

Whether it’s sharing the latest makeup trends, my secret to the perfect wash-n-go, or opening the doors to life as a millennial mom, I’ll always keep it simple, honest and fun. You can also follow me on Instagram @casiedionne and Facebook @casiedionne3PNYC for even more.

And when I’m not online, you can catch me having dance parties in the living room with my husband and one year old son.

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